Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Blog

Hi all.. Pls link to my new delicious blog.. http://antzinu.blogspot.com/.. cya at my cafe..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fahrenheit Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese new year

Monday, November 26, 2007

Goodbye... Reuben

I was almost in a shock.. initially im pray it was not you when i saw the name Reuben Kee En Rui.. but the moment your photo was shown.. i just cant believe it is you..

you.. one of the 5 dragon boaters drowned..

you.. who was my captain..

you.. brighten our days with your smile..

you.. cheer me and motivate me when my energy ran low..

you.. when i express the decision to quit.. you actually call me up and ask me why..

I can still remember those days very clearly.. after each training.. especially after the sea training at Kallang.. we will all go to bath together, and then all walk to the Beach Road Market for lunch... We will all chat happily... as we walked.. and i will just sing loud loud.. then you will shout at me to shout up but i don care.. you are like a happy dark giant with a big warm smile...

I just cant sleep last night.. toss here and there.. every now and then.. you will just flash into my mind.. its just that.. we have so many happy times together.. and now you are gone..

I will dedicate this blog to you... Reuben.. or shall i say Ruby.. i will really miss you...
Shenmue Reflections for the piano
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 1
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 2
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 3
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 4
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 5
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 6
RIP Reuben Kee, Straits Times Video 7

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

in pain ahhhh...

first.. weeks ago.. i injure my right knee... now trying to let it heal without exerting too much strength.. then later... i practise practise until my cudgel WHACK my forehead.. BLOOOOOD.. pain pain... now sort of heal ler.. but got scar on my left eyebrow there... and then.. i guess my body condition is too heaty.. so two toopids ulcers pop out in my mouth on the right... and bcos of my heaty body condition, my damage teeth on the left.. start to play TRICK lor.. giving me pain PAIN PAIN... k.. never mind.. now a bit better... but.. now is FLU, COUGH and i really feeling COLD.. i wrap myself like a DUMPLING in the office for these few days.... don worry.. do not be afraid if you saw a DUMPLING walking on the road.. ITS ME....

WHO MISSES ME!!!!!!!!!!!! cos i missing a lot of people.. missing you, and you and you and you... gosh.. too many to list...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Children Day

kk.. I wanted to blog this yesterday.. then forgot lor... anyway.. its over liao.. my special is over.. wahaha.. now i looking forward to Sunday evening training more.. why lei.. because i have a ITE Bishan junior who come to learn wushu also.. furthermore.. we both know Mrs Foo.. haha.. world is.. nope.. Singapore is rather small.. wahaha.. so i going to torture him.. wahaha... no lar..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


oh gosh.. i just realised.. our dearest doraemon is supposed to be YELLOW in colour... not BLUE... he was FRIGHTEN, then fade colour to blue.. and he is supposed to have a pair of ears... but was BITTEN off by a rat.. and thats also explain why he is afraid of RAT... NOW THEN I KNOW.. wa lao eh...
AMENDMENTS.. keke.. Doraemon was supposed to be yellow.. with a pair of ears.. until one day.. a rat came and bited off his ears.. then he was so depressed that he turned blue.. AND I NEVER THOUGHT WHY HIS SISTER WAS YELLOW.. haha

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ahhhhh.. SLUG....

That day.. the moment i step out of my house.. i notice something black black thingy at my mom orchid plant.. feeling suspicious.. i went for a closer look.. yeeeeeeeek.. slug.. HOW ON EARTH DID IT CRAWL UP THERE? me stay on 11th floor..

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Worked for almost a week.. and guess what... i lost my way 2 times in a week.. its not my fault lor.. so many offices.. in one level... then turn here turn there... of course i lost my way lar.. of course.. wonder is the DEMURE GIRL reading my blog? wahaha

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Teachers Day

All along i been the one wishing my teachers Happy Teachers Day.. until yesterday.. at Choa Chu Kang CC, one of the place where i help.. these 2 kids brother and sister came to me and wish me Happy Teachers Day by giving a handmade bookmark that come with a magnet.. haha... my first Teachers Day present.. so touch sia..

Friday, August 31, 2007

Memories flooded back...

Yesterday went to Hougang CC for wushu training in the evening, but for a dinner first somewhere near there la.. as i walked pass some of the blocks.. some of the memories came flooding back.. the memories of Colours of Life 2003.. the time when we all boarded the bus from ITE Tampines with a group of people from JC, ITE and NTU.. all arriving at the blocks.. with newspapers... tins of paint.. brushes.. all came happily.. waiting to meet the elderly.. to clean their one room flat.. and help them painted the walls... chatting with the elderly.. cleaning their bedsheets which are infested with mites... throwing away some of the unwanted stuff... thou it was just for a few days.. and only painting their walls.. the elderly are very happy that we are here... they shared with us their family members.. their past.. their stories.. the time when we all gathered downstair for lunch.. me serving them.. haha.. not really serving.. give them packet lunch la.. wahaha.. then halfway.. hearing complaints people are getting hungry and thirsty.. i as the Cheif Welfare Officer.. went to buy tins of biscuits and bottles of water.. well.. at least it helped a bit... i still remember got one flat which is infested with xiao qiang.. and these groups of volunteers actually stuff as many as possible into a mineral bottle.. oh gosh... sigh.. i miss those days.. it was so hectic but meaningful...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Got a treat.. *slurping*

She treat me to Jack's Place.. didnt expect her to treat.. its so out of the blue... i don really know the reason why.. hmmm.. anyway.. i had a good meal.. haven step into JP before.. lolx.. thou its quite near my place.. haha...
Other than the Salmon Pasta, we also ordered Seafood in a Basket.. yummy... not bad.. just that its all deep fried.. i feel the sea taste is gone.. lolx.. -_-..
Its Apple Crumble.. hmmm.. its warm for a while.. then cold liao.. but got big apple chunk inside la...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where have i been???

lolx.. I am still in Singapore.. yapz.. just that.. as i am looking for job again.. at the same time.. while waiting.. i also help in wushu coaching and do some more training ba.. keke... On National Day.. went to Sentosa.. with a big group of people.. and seriously had fun.. lolx.. but i didnt take a lot of photos ba.. Oh ya.. i went to participate in the National Wushu Competition recently and this is my performance uniform..Just laming around....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

stupid sia.. no.. its irritating

while someone is saying others that you don know how to write emails.. i wanna throw this sentence to you.. YOU DON KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE as well..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

so many strange sightings sia...

2 or 3 weeks ago... as i was walking to work.. i saw this very beautiful clouds.. on top is the big sun.. and then.. i thought.. take a picture.. well... seems a little dark.. as it was still around 6.45am.. about to sunrise la.. so this pic a bit dark..
then i decide to take a pic again (15 mins later).. cos of this beautiful sky la..
then i didnt think much.. until last week.. wed.. around close to sunset.. at Hong Kah CC there.. i saw the sky.. its like so beautiful lor.. hmm.. the sky was seem to be painted with light yellow colour.. then the clouds were like drawn like strokes with orange colour.. and best part is.. i can almost see a picture of a phoenix and a dragon.. as if.. they were playing.. chasing.. phoenix on the left with the wings beautifully open and the dragon on the right.. with the head.. showing majestic awesome power... didnt take pic.. cos handphone cam a bit not that good.. again.. didnt think much...
until just now as i was returning from Yuhua CC, walking towards Chinese Garden Mrt Station.. on the pedestrain pavement.. i saw a long thing.. i thought it was a toy snake.. as i could see the head.. then thinking.. whose child just lost his toy.. then just about 1 second.. a second thought flash across.. how come a toy snake.. the body so smooth... so whole piece.. no segment thingy de.. so i stood there.. stare at it for a while.. then.. that THING stick its tongue out.. oh gosh.. it like 1.5m long green snake... oh MY GOD.. did Madam White Snake ask her sister Green Snake to come out of the Chinese Garden pagoda to greet me.. i feel i so lucky lo.. how many people can see such things.. i mean so many strange sights..
then another best part come.. as i was walking back home.. i saw this cooooooooool car.. parking below the HDB.. i just cant resist from taking a pic of it.. sorry people.. its not that clear.. but its really cool.. and stylish.. black with green de... below is the pic..